The new batch of the Galaxy S23 series has been launched as part of Samsung’s additional flagship phone generation. Since its launch, TELUS is offering special prices for Personal, TELUS EPP, and Business customers. This device lineup, however, includes keen enhancements to the base models S23 and S23+. The innovation is interesting because of the numerous improvements in their appearance and a few new inside characteristics.

Furthermore, the S23 Ultra does not benefit from new designs but does have a 200Mp camera upgrade. Also, this Galaxy TELUS phone lineup is powered by the world’s most power-efficient and fastest Qualcomm Snapdragon silicon.

Here is everything you should expect before considering buying your S23.

Galaxy S23

Of all the new introductions in this device series, the regular S23  phone is the cheapest.

Unlike last year’s S22, you will easily notice the pretty different and advanced features incorporated into its looks. The previous two generations debuted used the ‘contour cut’ camera design. Samsung significantly updated its camera capabilities with flash and minimalist three-camera lenses directly under its rear.

Another serious impact is evident in the color tweaks, with the three S23 models having different finishes in Phantom Black, Cream, Green, and Lavender.

Even though its beautiful design has changed so much, the S23 maintains its normal weight and size as the previous year’s device. The display remains 6.1 inches with the toughest Gorilla Glass Victus 2. At the same time, the overall IP68 dust and water resistance rating has not changed.

Samsung keeps the display compared to the last year’s lineup. This Galaxy S23 once more comes to the dynamic 120Hz AMOLED panel that can be downscaled to 48Hz. This groundbreaking phone has similar Full HD+ resolution and brightness for everyday users.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip has been introduced everywhere, making the S23’s most interesting inside changes. Samsung initially incorporated Qualcomm chips within territories like the US. India and Europe received its Exynos processors; however, this time, the Snapdragon was used worldwide.

This fascinating Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy’s tweaked 8 Gen 2 version features groundbreaking AI and system-performing performance. The leading chip improvement includes a prime and high clock speed CPU core of 3.36GHz from the regular 3.2GHz in the main core of 8 Gen 2. The improvements ensure the phone runs faster compared to its rivals.

The S23 comes with the standard RAM of 8GB and another adjustable storage option of 128GB or 256GB, similar to last year’s debut.

The battery has slightly increased overall capacity than last year, from 3700mAh to 3900mAh. As the phone charges, it maintains its basic Qi wireless charging and the 25W wired speeds.

Samsung did not introduce much camera change, maintaining its S22 broader setup: a 50Mp core camera, 10Mp telephoto, and 12Mp ultrawide. However, there is one significant hardware change: an upgraded selfie camera with a resolution of 12 MP.

While few camera hardware tweaks have been incorporated, Samsung boasts software improvements. In particular, you will enjoy the overall improvement in its lowlight photography performance.

In the same way, you would expect the S23, among the three models, to come equipped with One UI 5.1 and Android 13. And Samsung keeps promising core OS updates in the coming years featuring security reinforcements.

Galaxy S23+

The good news is that the simple Galaxy S23+ has similar features to the regular S23 phone.

The similarities are evident in the S23 design, proportions, and colors. Of course, the major difference is in its bigger 6.6-inch display. However, the pack has similar specs to the other phone models.

S23+ has a 256GB and a 512GB upgrade option making the phone twice as cheap.

In addition, the larger battery capacity is beneficial with an upgrade from S22+’s 4500mAh to 4700mAh. Moreover, the phone’s faster-wired charging of 45W compared to the regular S23 ultimately improves its performance level.

Galaxy S23 Ultra

Coming to the final device in this lineup is the heavy-weight S23 Ultra.

Compared to the S22 Ultra’s debut last year, this phone corresponds to the other phones in this line regarding its design, with no changes on its Ultra.

The display is larger at 6.8 inches, with a dynamically refreshed rate scaling between 1-120Hz. In addition, this phone’s panel is slightly curved and supported with the included S Pen stylus in the phone’s slots. The smallest design tweak is black irrespective of the model you purchase, with the colour-matched end finish.

The base storage options and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset are similar to the S23+. However, the additional third-tier upgrades come with a full storage of 1 TB. In addition, you can increase the RAM to 12GB to ensure faster and more effective performance during daily use.

Besides, you have the highest battery capacity of 5000mAh, similar to the S22 Ultra. Like the S23+, the device has 15W wireless and 45W wired charging.

This phone shines with its professional-quality camera that enhances the real-time video and photo experiences. The Ultra delivers realistic graphics even within the darkest settings. The core rear camera is the key upgrade with 200Mp featuring the new Samsung ISOCELL HP2 sensor. Indeed, the phone has enhanced low light focusing, improved HDR, Tetra2pixel technology, and a wider 1/1.3-inch sensor. With this, you can pixel-bin your phone to various levels based on lighting intensities.

Besides its core rear camera, the Ultra has similar ultrawide, 10x, and 3x zoom camera hardware. Like its predecessor, you enjoy your telephotos 10Mp, and the ultrawide delivers 12Mp.

In addition, with the Ultra, you have a 12Mp selfie camera similar to the other phone models. However, this seems a downgrade from the last model with a 40Mp sensor.

Finally, above are the things you should know about this exciting new generation of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series to receive this real-time immersive technology.

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