Maybe you’re wondering if the Apple Watch Series 7 is worth the investment. Or probably you own one of the previous generation watches and are debating if it’s finally time to upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 7.

Whatever the case, it’s not an easy decision. For this reason, we have compiled essential updates on this new product to help you make an informed buying decision. Here, you will learn the innovative features they added and the most significant differences you would notice between Series 6 and Series 7.

  1. Bigger and Better Display Screen

While Series 4, 5, and 6 only had the 40-mm and 44-mm formats, this new generation of Apple Watch is offered in 41-mm and 45-mm formats. It’s equipped with a screen 20 percent bigger than the previous generations while its borders are about 40 percent smaller.

Changing the screen to border ratio has allowed Apple to increase screen size without making any significant changes to the actual size of the device. This is the first time since 2018 that Apple has done a substantial facelift to their Apple Watch Series.

      2. Updated User Interface

Of course, with the bigger screen update, it’s natural for the user interface to be updated. For instance, the activity, timer, and stopwatch apps have more oversized buttons than series 6.

The new display size also comes with optimization of specific watch faces. For instance, the Modular face can now store more information, which will be helpful if you’re always on the go.

     3. Brighter Always-On Mode

If you prefer a brighter and more visible screen, you will be pleased to know that the Series 7 has an always-on mode. This mode gives your screen more brightness, which is helpful if you have vision problems.

Additionally, setting it with the wrist down allows it to go as much as 70 percent brighter. This feature is handy for people who have to read quick pieces of information on the go. Besides, Apple also emphasized that this feature is just as effective when you’re indoors.

    4. Access to QWERTY Keyboard

Another feature added to the TELUS Apple Watch Series 7 to complement the screen upgrade is the QWERTY keyboard. This full-size keyboard allows users to create more complex and longer messages that would have been tedious through dictation or scribbling. This makes texting so much easier.

    5. Faster Charging

In most cases, you get late to work or for appointments waiting for your device to get fully charged. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case when you own an Apple Series 7 watch.

In comparison to its predecessors, the Series 7 now takes less time to charge fully. It charges up to 33 percent faster than the Series 6 model. In about 45 minutes, it can charge from zero to 80. This means that it only takes about an hour to get fully charged! This is definitely handy for anyone who’s always on the go.

    6. Durable Build

The Apple Watch Series 7 is more durable when compared to the previous generations. Its IP6X dust resistance and crystal coating make it suitable for any outdoor excursions and workout activities.

This new build is also reported to be 50 percent thicker than the Series 6, which makes it ideal for the outdoors. Hence, you can bring it along when going for hiking or when doing your regular runs.


To sum it all up, Series 7 offers a much better Apple Watch experience than its predecessors. Its bigger screen and improved visibility will help people who have vision problems and would prefer not to spend their time squinting at the screen.

Also, you can say goodbye to long wait hours thanks to its quick charging time. The durability boost also makes exercise tracking easier, regardless of the activity. Although this product may still have some drawbacks, its new and updated features definitely have more benefits than drawbacks.