The Fleet Management market continues to see technological enhancements and increased investment with each passing year. According to Allied Market Research, the Fleet Management market was a $19.47 billion industry just a few short years ago in 2020. Research and trend analysis indicates that number is expected to shoot up to $52.50 billion by 2030. You may see some variations on those numbers depending on the source, but there is no arguing that the Fleet Management market is a rapidly advancing one.

What is Fleet Management?

To gain a better understanding of why this industry is growing at such an accelerated rate, is a good idea to first explore exactly what fleet management is.

Fleet Management is basically the process of monitoring a group of company vehicles or assets using advanced GPS technology and analytics. 

TELUS GPS Trackers

The TELUS Fleet Complete platform employs the use of GPS tracking devices to effectively manage all the valuable assets your business is responsible for. Implementing a diverse range of features and functions, the system uses a comprehensive approach to connect your company vehicles, stationary assets, employees, remote workers, and customers to optimize operational efficiency and client relations.

Why is there such growth in GPS Tracking and Fleet Management?

There are several reasons why this multi-billion dollar industry is seeing such a considerable expansion. Some of the most practical reasons for this continual growth, are:

  • Safety concerns
  • Need for operational organization
  • Increased international trade
  • Electronic Logging Device (ELD) compliance

Safety Concerns

GPS vehicle trackers can help improve safety for both your vehicles and the people driving them. TELUS GPS tracker helps increase safety in a couple of different ways.

Accident Prevention

Road accidents present business owners with a potential for employee injury and increased vehicular expense. The Association for Safe International Road Travel reports that the prevalence of automobile accidents is increasing on a global scale.

TELUS Fleet Complete can help minimize accidents and unnecessary expenses by:

  • Correcting dangerous driving behaviors
  • Eliminating bad habits like speeding, idling, and rapid acceleration that increase fuel consumption
  • Optimizing driver routes for maximum safety
  • Providing a constant means of contact so drivers are not left injured in a remote location
  • Quick deployment of emergency services in care of an accident

Theft and Damage Prevention

With real time tracking location, it makes it easy to locate any vehicles or assets that have been moved without proper authorization. GPS vehicle trackers also provide status updates and alerts for smashed windows and unapproved open doors to deter thieves and vandals.

Need for Operational Organization

As the global marketplace continues to get faster and more complicated, many businesses are left scrambling for ways to enhance productivity and efficiency. Management systems like TELUS Fleet Complete help streamline and standardize operations and procedures to achieve consistent results with minimal effort and expense.

TELUS GPS trackers improve communications, monitoring of assets, employee behaviors, vehicle maintenance, time management, and customer relations.

Increased International Trade

As the world continues to seem smaller due to technological advancements, international business is becoming commonplace for a variety of companies. The growing need for products to be shipped across borders brings the need for an effective and efficient means of making it happen. TELUS Fleet Complete offers a useful system to help facilitate international deliveries and shipments, tracking valuable cargo.

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Compliance

Vehicles traveling between the U.S. and Canada need to adhere to ELD regulations. An ELD is a hardware device, like a GPS vehicle tracking, that is used to collect data about driving hours and employee hours of service. ELD reports must meet Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) standards for the safety of the fleet and its drivers.

TELUS Fleet Complete Features

The fleet management system offered through TELUS can provide businesses with a variety of useful benefits to stay safe and productive while reducing operating costs.

Three excellent features of the Fleet Complete platform are:

  • TELUS Fleet Tracker
  • TELUS Asset Tracker
  • TELUS Fleet Complete HoS

The Fleet Tracker helps manage fleets of vehicles, providing real time location monitoring, vehicle status, and driving behavior reports.

The Asset Tracker is great for keeping watch over all your other business assets like tools, equipment, machinery, and cargo in transit.

Fleet Complete HoS keeps track of employee actions like hours of service, driving time, availability, and location.

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