Unlock exclusive savings with TELUS EPP. Enjoy discounts on smartphones, devices, and plans tailored just for you. If you are looking forward to reducing your cell phone bills, this is good news. The TELUS Exclusive Partner Program (EPP) allows its members to enjoy discounts and promotions on newly-released smartphones and mobile devices, including the monthly plans to use them.

This is an excellent program for Corporate and government employees, Association members, and their families. EPP is a practical program as the benefits are intended for the services and products a client is already paying for.

Who is qualified for the TELUS Exclusive Partner Program?

A lot of companies and organizations are included in this exclusive program. A few good examples include Unions, Banks, Government Organizations, Associations, Realtors, and Corporations.

This just provides the general idea of who can benefit from the program and who is potentially qualified. However, it is by no means an extensive list. You can contact the Open Connection Account Manager to know if your business or employer is eligible.

There’s also the possibility that your employer is already a part of the EPP and you are not aware. This may be one of the benefits that employees may have overlooked without realizing the benefits.

Nonetheless, if you have this privilege, it will be a great opportunity to get that latest iPhone 14, Samsung Galaxy S22 or any other premium phone you want with reduced costs and monthly fees. The program also included a discount on Home Security and other TELUS Services.

The Benefits of Being a TELUS Exclusive Partner

TELUS EPP, sometimes referred to as the Employee Purchase Program gives outstanding discounts to employees, including their families. The plan includes unlimited calls and mobile data with a special offer.

Eligible employees can also save on the internet, smart home security, and select TELUS phone plans. Their families can also take part since they are eligible to reap the benefits of the partnership.

Of course, employees are not the only ones benefiting from this program. The partnership benefits extend even to companies that allow their employees to use their mobile devices.

Not only does it help cut costs by using special discounts on devices and plans, but it also improves employee satisfaction.

What the TELUS Exclusive Partner Program Offers

Members of TELUS EPP have a wide range of advantages. These are as follows:

  1. Bring-it-Back Savings

Bring-it-Back, which is another program by TELUS, can bring forth optimized cost reduction when combined with an EPP program. The Bring-it-Back program helps lower the upfront and monthly cost of a new device. Not only that, but you can also purchase a new smartphone with this program without any upfront costs.

  1. Smartphone Promotions

The deals and promotions that the TELUS EPP offers can be incorporated into a wide range of mobile devices, including the newly released phone models. Aside from the device deals and special discounts, you can also get reduced costs for your monthly plans.

  1. Reliable Customer Service

In any case, if you have any issues or concerns about your account, they will be immediately dealt with by Open Connection, a TELUS Authorized Dealer. This means you no longer have to worry about anything and just enjoy having these perks.

  1. Easy and Convenient Access

The deals and promotions for this program can be easily accessed online, which makes the experience convenient and simple. Also, purchases made online will be delivered right to your doorsteps or you can opt to pick them up yourself.

  1. Monthly discounts

The greatest benefit of the TELUS EPP is the experience that members get every month. Employees will appreciate the monthly reduction in their expenses, giving them the ability to allocate more budget for their daily needs and other important things.

For more information on the TELUS Exclusive Partner Program, check out the Open Connection website or visit a location near you.