TELUS Device Catalogue


Wireless Outdoor Security Camera in HD

Use this HD camera to get quality live recordings and alerts to know when people and vehicles get to your premises.

Wireless Indoor Security Camera in HD

Monitor the areas inside with clear and sharp 1080 HD videos. It also has infrared night vision and reliable cloud recording to give you a clear view of all areas.

Slimline Doorbell Camera

Secure your home and business through this doorbell camera. Rely on the live recording to see who is at the door. 

Window and Door Sensor

Designed by ADT technology, this TELUS security sensor will keep your home and business safe and secure at all times. It will help detect which doors and windows are accessed and closed.

Motion Sensor

This motion sensor works with your security alarm system. You can track movement and temperature. It is effortless to set up.

Glass Break Sensor

When a door or glass window is broken, you will be notified immediately through this sensor. Therefore, you can take action fast and prevent further damages and costs. 

Smart Thermostat

You can set this smart thermostat to adjust the temperature all day automatically. You can also do it on the go to save more. 

Smart Lock

You can lock and unlock your door remotely or have a code used at particular times. 

Keyring Remote with four buttons

This compact device allows you to arm and disarm your system, whether you are inside or nearby.

Main Security Control Panel

You can access your primary control panel through this device.

Flood Sensor

This flood sensor detects if there is water present and will notify you. This helps you take quick action and prevent floods from causing much damage to your business.

Smoke & Heat Detector

This state-of-the-art device gives early warnings through a siren and flashing lights in case of afore. 

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Secure your home and business from carbon monoxide exposure. This device monitors the level of CO2. Our detector performs better compared to standard a device and will help keep the occupants on your property safe at all times. 

Secondary Security Control Panel

With this control panel, you will have better accessibility to your security system throughout the premises. You can also check alarm status, use the emergency button, and get door chimes. 

Smart Garage Door Opener

This remote control comes in handy to open or shut a garage door. 

Smart Plug - Lamp

This lamp gives you complete control when you plug it in. You can set a time when you want the light to be bright or dim. 

Smart Light Bulb

Save more money when you install this LED bulb as it can last for a long time. You can also pair this with the Smart Plug Lamp. 

Smart Plug - Appliance

Control any connected appliance, such as operating your coffee machine with the TELUS Secure Business app or a keypad.