Smart Home Security technology can offer a wide range of benefits through a variety of applications. When considering smart home security, it may be instinctive to think about the advantages it can offer while you are away from your home. It can help safeguard your home against potential thieves and hazards while you are away. However, smart home devices can also be extremely useful for remote workers operating from home.

Smart Home Security

TELUS offers an assortment of smart home features to help protect your home as well as your online network. It can be used to safeguard your online identity while protecting you and your family. There are a selection of plans available to meet your specific needs and preferences.

How can smart devices assist while working remotely?

The number of people working remotely has seen a massive increase in a relatively short period. It is estimated that the number of people working from home in Canada has gone up by more than 40%. This brings with it a new set of daily challenges to stay focused and productive.

Smart Home Security Benefits for Remote Work

A diverse range of smart home devices and services are available to help you stay on task while working from home. Smart home technology is ideal for:

  • Online Security
  • Home Access
  • Energy savings
  • Automate devices 
  • Monitor kids and areas around the house

Smart Home Security Online

This is an extremely important feature for people working remotely from their home office. While working on your home network, you likely want to protect sensitive company data from hackers and unauthorized access. Wireless internet has become an essential service in most homes with numerous devices connected to the Wi-Fi network. While this offers excellent convenience, it also opens the door to potential hackers. Cybercriminals can gain access to your entire network through one unsecured device. 

Some useful tips to maximize security on your home network include:

  • Always change default usernames and passwords
  • Enabled encryption on your wireless router
  • Use multi-factor authentication
  • Install relevant updates on all network devices
  • Use separate networks for home and applications

TELUS has partnered with Norton for TELUS Online Security, featuring Norton 360 Premium. Get all-in-one protection for your connected devices, online privacy, and identity.

Home Access 

TELUS offers a Slimline Doorbell Camera to quickly see who is at your door without having to leave your workspace. The two-way mic and speaker system allow for convenient conversation from wherever you are located. The app also provides live and recorded footage of any guests and their interactions with them.

Energy Savings

While working from home you may have noticed your energy costs increase as you are using more electricity, gas, and water. Smart Thermostat allows you to control the temperature in your home remotely as well as let it adjust automatically based on regular activities.

Automate Devices

Smart Plugs and Smart Light Bulbs are excellent for adding automation to your daily routine. Create a schedule to control lighting and even start your coffee maker at a specific time or manage the amount of TV time your kids are allowed. Using smart light bulbs provides further cost savings with reduced energy waste while reducing eye strain for better productivity.

Monitor Your Kids

If you have children, one of the biggest challenges of working from home is balancing parenting with work productivity. Home security cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your kids without physically having to follow them around. TELUS security cameras offer a feature to allows you to create new zones on your alarm system depending on the specific area you want to monitor. Security cameras can also be set to detect intrusions in certain areas and provide immediate alerts when motion is identified in these zones.

Peace of Mind

TELUS Smart Home services lead to greater peace of mind and reduced stress, freeing up more time and energy to properly focus on work responsibilities and task efficiency.

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