We often use the iPad for education and entertainment purposes, from watching video tutorials and reading school materials to listening to music and watching on-demand movies. Even so, when we know the right ways to do it, we can also use  Apple iPads for professional uses.

Today, we’ll talk about the accessories and applications to consider to make your iPad beneficial in improving your business productivity.

Optimizing Business Performance with iPad Accessories

The iPad is an undeniably capable device that allows small and medium enterprises to tackle a variety of duties and daily operations. Furthermore, Apple designed the iPad to be a versatile tablet with a plethora of third-party and authorized accessories to improve business performance.

Here are some products to consider if you require a keyboard, a pen, or a case to improve business performance and tablet use for Business, TELUS EPP and Personal use. 

Apple Smart Folio Keyboard

This one is a great iPad accessory that allows you to write comfortably and efficiently everywhere you go. Simply attach it to your Apple tablet device and, because it does not need any kind of charging, you can use it immediately to write anything you need. 

Apple Smart Folio Case

This Smart Folio Case is a great Apple accessory that allows you to get the much-needed protection for your iPad but in a more simplified form than the Smart Keyboard Case. This product has a soft touch and is lightweight enough to carry around daily. Even so, it will give your iPad a decent level of protection.

Apple Pencil

If you are an illustrator or someone who draws a lot on your iPad, the Apple Pencil is a must-have accessory for you. This stylus can generate different effects when you tilt it and will provide you with a genuine feel from a traditional pen when you use it on your iPad.

POS System for Small Business

A POS System is another must-have accessory if you run a retail or a restaurant business. This kind of gadget can be integrated with different iPad versions, allowing one to process different kinds of transactions and monitor business performance efficiently.

Must-Try iPad Applications for Business Efficiency

Another way to optimize your business performance with your iPad is by installing the appropriate applications. To make the most of your iPad and help you with different tasks, there are many applications that are provided by program developers from around the world.

Below we will show you some of the must-try iPad applications that can help you boost your business efficiency and make your work more enjoyable and satisfying.

Microsoft Office Mobile

This one is a mobile Office Suite from Microsoft that allows business professionals to edit and create documents. Users can also share those documents and collaborate together on them.


OneDrive is another essential iPad application for business people. It is a mobile-friendly storage service so you can use it to store and share important files with teammates.


If you need a reliable app that allows you to collaborate, share documents, exchange messages and do virtual meetings, then Slack is the one for you. It also allows you to separate chats based on topics.


This one is an excellent app that has helped numerous leaders in their project management processes. You can use it to assign tasks and monitor how far the project progresses.


This app will help you in keeping a record of all business cards you receive and you will be able to use the details on those cards and keep them on your contact list.


This one is the app to have if you sign a lot of documents. Besides allowing you to sign the documents, you can also ask others to do the same thing.

The Takeaway

Whether you are a veteran business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, owning the right tool can greatly enhance your productivity. Luckily, when you already have an iPad at home, you should not worry about getting a new device.

The TELUS Apple iPad is a very versatile device that can greatly enhance business performance and smoothen your commercial processes. When you equip it with the appropriate accessories and applications, it will allow you to complete different processes and tackle many tasks with ease.

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