TELUS, a leading Canadian telecom, stands out for its commitment to social responsibility with initiatives like TELUS Friendly Future Foundation and digital healthcare solutions like TELUS Health EMR.

Smart homes are the talk of the present day because of the cost savings, convenience, and security that they offer/provide. With the current technology of home automation systems controlling heating, lighting, home appliances, air conditioning, and entertainment systems is now easy. Homeowners can acquire peace of mind because they know that their homes are safe and also conserve energy, thus saving considerable costs.

 TELUS Home Alarm Systems

TELUS provides a security system comprising a wide range of services, including remote monitoring, centralized control panels, and video surveillance, which help you enhance home security. TELUS will keep you connected remotely with all the occurrences around your home when you are far away. You are assured of comfort and convenience when carrying out your other activities.

TELUS home security for ideal safety

TELUS home security provides a wide array of services, but safety is the most significant of all because you want to protect the home and the occupants.

With the integration of a smart lock into your home, you are ensured of preventing burglars from entering because the home will always be locked. As such, you do not worry about being locked out of your home if you lose your keys. You can have the systems configured with many entry codes to monitor who enters the home and also have the records. In addition, you can have temporary codes for the people you trust such as your favorite delivery guy.

TELUS home security features include:

  • Wi-Fi doorbell camera
  • Fire protection
  • Smart garage door opener
  • Video surveillance
  • Flood control
  • Carbon monoxide monitoring

Wi-Fi doorbell camera

An efficient method to discourage intruders and thieves is through the utilization of a TELUS Wi-Fi doorbell camera. Doorbell cameras are connected to your smartphone and send alerts any time they detect any motion at the front door. You will see who is standing there and communicate with them through the help of the camera.

Fire protection

When fires happen at homes, they cause numerous damages that affect the safety and normal running of the home. TELUS fire alarm can detect smoke through special devices that detect fire easily when it starts. You can detect the fire before it spreads to other areas, saving lives and protecting your property against extensive damage.

Upon detecting the earliest signs of a fire, a notification is promptly dispatched to both your smartphone and the monitoring center. The situation at hand can be salvaged by just pressing the fire alarm and panic buttons for responsible emergency services providers to come and help out. In case you are not around, a service representative will help you.

Smart garage door opener

Smart technology at your garage door helps you close it in case you forget to. If the system is configured to receive notifications when the door opens, you will be informed when such an incident happens.

Video surveillance

You can improve the safety of your home by putting video surveillance cameras around your home. When you have a TELUS home security sticker at your front window, thieves and intruders will be deterred from coming in because they know they are being watched.

Such videos can also help in keeping an eye on the adults who need assistance, children, and pets around the home to ensure that they are safe.

Flood control

The vulnerable areas such as the basement or near appliances connected to a water line are installed with flood sensors to prevent potential damage and loss. You can get alerts via your phone and notify flood control technicians whenever such incidents happen.

Carbon monoxide monitoring

Efficient monitoring and detection systems can reduce the risk of CO at home. Since the gas is colorless, detecting it naturally is problematic. Therefore, when sensors detect it they alert you via the smartphone and you can determine the best action to undertake. The monitoring center will also be alerted and will act accordingly.


Protect your home and your loved ones with round-the-clock monitoring brought to you by TELUS Home Security. Use smart technology to upgrade your home’s security and guard it against various risks and threats. Your home is your greatest investment and your family’s safety should be your top priority. Take advantage of the available technologies like TELUS Home Security Systems to enjoy maximum security. 

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